Irish Dance

Slung Low

Sat 18 April 11am – 2pm
Pay what you decide
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Leeds Dance Partnership are proud to support Irish Dance, a gathering of Yorkshire / Irish chat, music and dance with Keira Martin and her sister Sioda Adams at The Holbeck Working Men’s Club as part of Slung Low’s Big Ideas series.

Keira and Sioda were born and bred in Barnsley and have spent 20 years travelling the world as professional dance artists. They are inspired and influenced by their working-class upbringing, politics, Ireland, dance, music and storytelling. If there is one thing they both agree on, it’s that you don’t get owt without hard graft.

Irish Dance will focus on the creation of Good Blood, the latest collaboration from Keira and Sioda which looks at Irish dance, the sisters’ Irish influences and experiences as they grew up and how this has fuelled their work. Good Blood is commissioned by Arts Council England, NSCD Northern Connections, 2FACED Dance Company’s The BENCH Seed Commission, Yorkshire Dance, Vincent Dance Theatre, Dance City and Spin Arts.

Irish Dance is pay what you decide but there is a limited capacity so booking is advised.

Visit the Slung Low website to book your place.

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