Artist Fellowships

We are excited to announce that our new Artist Fellowship scheme is underway, and to introduce the incredible artists involved.

  • Vanessa Grasse – Artist Fellow at Leeds Beckett University
  • Hannah Buckley – Artist Fellow at Northern School of Contemporary Dance
  • Jamaal Burkmar – Artist Fellow at Phoenix Dance Theatre 
  • Lucy Suggate – Artist Fellow at Yorkshire Dance 

Each artist will work with their host organisation in response to a creative brief that generates new learning and mutual benefit across the partnership and their audiences, students, participants and stakeholders. 

Artists will receive a fee, a training budget for their development and a bespoke offer of support throughout their fellowship from their host organisation and other partners. At the end of the process the cohort will share their learning or created work at an event open to audiences and industry alike.

Outcomes of the Fellowships include:

  • Four artists develop strong relationships with major organisations in Leeds
  • Four artists get access to focused development, support and training
  • Artist’s research is mutually beneficial, informing both their own practice and a specific area of interest/development for the host organisations
  • Each artist delivers one public sharing at the end of their fellowship (this could take different forms e.g. a sharing of performance, a symposium, a discussion/debate, digital content)
  • Fellows will work together to share learning and practice within their cohort (co-ordinated by Leeds Dance Partnership)

The Fellowships will be part of a wider collaborative approach to artistic research and experiment, and the artists have the opportunity to share ideas and learning throughout.