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A person dressed in a red dress which sweeps along the floor. The dress is torn in different areas. They are blonde and are stodd next to three pieces of red material which have been taped with red tape onto the white wall which serves as the images' backdrop. Job: Company Coordinator – CLAY - CLAY (Centre For Live Art Yorkshire) are looking for a Company Coordinator to support the day-to-day running of the business. Find out more
A group of people sit on the floor of a studio. They are sat in a semi-circle. There is also a harp player. Call Out for Freelance Producers and Project Managers - Leeds Dance Partnership are looking for creative and committed arts producers and project managers to develop and deliver a number of exciting and engaging… Find out more
Thre dancers are in this image, two of them holding the other above their heads by their hands. The dancer in the air has his legs split. Job: Executive Director, Phoenix Dance Theatre - Phoenix Dance Theatre is looking for an experienced and talented Executive Director to join their diverse team. Find out more
A dance artist sits on the floor of a studio. She is speaking to a group of people, her hands are outstretched. Workshop: Dance Transports: Early Years - Yorkshire Dance presents Dance Transports: Early Years, a free workshop for anyone interested in delivering movement with under fives. Find out more
A contemporary dance performance. A group of dancers stand together, holding two dancers horizontally above their heads. One of the dancers has their right leg in the air, the other is laid like a pencil, arms stuck to their sides and legs together. Job: Front of House – Yorkshire Dance - Yorkshire Dance are looking for a casual worker to join their team of professional Front of House staff that make their busy, cultural venue… Find out more
A group of people are dancing together, the camera looking down on them from height. Many of them are wearing bright coloured clothing. They are in a dance studio with black floors and walls. Job: Events Assistant – Yorkshire Dance - Yorkshire Dance are looking for an Events Assistant to ensure their events are as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. Find out more
Two dancers in a studio. One of them is stood in front of the other. The dancer in front has their arms outstereched left and right, the dancer behind has one of their hands in the air above their head. their sides Workshops: Atelier – Möbius Dance - Möbius Dance Atelier is a series of workshops taking place in Yorkshire with invited specialists focusing on inclusivity, wellbeing and collaborative practice. Find out more
COLLIDE 2020 – Northern School of Contemporary Dance - After the success of COLLIDE in 2018, Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) are bringing back the boys’ dance takeover of Leeds city centre… Find out more
Bursary: Go See – Surf The Wave UK - Surf The Wave UK are offering bursaries for travel, accommodation, time, and tickets to support conversations and relationship development between dance makers and programmers… Find out more