Projects and Opportunities

Walking with Leeds – 27 March 2019- Walking with Leeds will begin over lunch at Yorkshire Dance at 12.00 noon on 27th March. This is an opportunity for international and local… Find out more
BBC #DancePassion- From 1st – 6th April 2019, BBC Arts and One Dance UK want to work with dance companies and independent artists in England, Northern… Find out more
Paines Plough are calling all movers and shakers- Paines Plough workshops with the legendary Polly Bennett gives aspiring movement directors an insight into the art, craft and career. Find out more
What Next Workshops- For Early Career Artists and Practitioners Callum Holt presents a series of workshops designed to cover the practical elements of pursuing a freelance career… Find out more
Using Lighting in Performance Course- This course at Salford University will give you an introduction to the creative outlook and technical skills necessary to start integrating light with dance. Find out more