Our Work

Strand One Growing and Developing Dance

Leeds Dance Partnership’s current focus is the delivery of our Ambition for Excellence programme. Over the next three years, initially through our core partner organisations, we will be delivering a range of initiatives, projects and commissions through four distinct programmes of work.

  1. Creating the Climate – Infrastructure Development
    • Creating a climate where shared visions can be realised. Through development of the partnership model, we are seeking ways to support the independent dance sector, establish capital needs in the city, and advocate effectively for dance in Leeds.
  2. Choreographer and Dancer Development
    • Developing the workforce lies at the centre of the programme’s working model – ensuring that a future generation of dance leaders can thrive in Leeds and the North.
  3. Artistic Research and Creation
    • Through this strand we investigate the most innovative ways of reimagining the relationship between artists, producers, venues and audiences which dovetail with national developments in the future of showcasing.
  4. Commissioning, Presentation, Distribution and Collaborative Audience Development
    • A cohesive approach to programming in venues in Leeds and beyond, focusing on building venue capacity for programming dance and growing audiences.

For more about our current work and opportunities click here.

Strand Two Engagement, Research and Health

Alongside our Ambition for Excellence programme, Leeds Dance Partnership is fundraising to deliver a second strand of work with partners across Leeds, focusing on:

  1. Learning and Engagement
    • Building on existing strengths in learning and engagement to support a cohesive offer across the city and the North, working with the Bridge organisations, Local Cultural and Education Partnerships, Artforms Leeds, Leeds Dance Network and organisations in the wider North region.
  2. Research and Intelligence
    • Working with the universities in the region to develop a cohesive approach to research and intelligence.
  3. Dance, Health, Physical Activity
    • Working in partnership with Sport Board Leeds, Public Health and others to investigate ways in which dance can contribute further to the health and physical activity agenda and cross over with sports development.