Family Encounters

From 29 February – 1 March, Yorkshire Dance will present Family Encounters, in association with Leeds Dance Partnership.

We’re proud to be supporting four events in this exciting dance festival which will explore play between children and their grown-ups. All of the events at Family Encounters are pay as you feel.

To the Beat of a Different Drum by TC Howard

A person is jumping in front of a drum.

To the Beat of a Different Drum is an unexpected meeting of worlds as young people and elders meet – chiming to the beat of a different drum.

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Des Gestes Blancs – Gestures on a Blank Slate

A black and white image of a man with a child on his shoulders.

Des Gestes Blancs – Gestures on a Blank Slate is a father and son duo based on improvisation and play. Cheerful and touching, these gestures will connect you with your inner child.

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MaPPAMoNDO by Dadodans – Gaia Gonnelli

There are two dancers in a fields with long grass and flowers. One of them sits on the floor, and has thrown bark into the air. The other is leaning over them, looking with wonder at the bark.

MaPPAMoNDO is a musical and imaginative performance for children from two years up. Using sand, earth, stones and musical instruments, a dancer and a musician create their own world full of colours and sounds.

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Touch by Four Hands

A performance of Touch by Four Hands. A dancer stands over a child, cradling the child's head in their handss. We can see the audience in the background.

Touch explores the themes of connection, intimacy and physical play between parents and their children, with a cast of two professional performers dancing with their own children, and a community cast of families from the local area. Touch will also be performed at The Holbeck on 7 March.

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Discover the full Family Encounters programme on the Yorkshire Dance website.

Please note: please purchase tickets to reflect the number of persons attending the performance, including tickets for those who might be supervising a young child.

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