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Original Styles of Hip Hop

1:30pm – 1:45pm
Performance at Leeds Playhouse

Choreographers: Marie Mathias & Chris Banks, Bust-A-Move


Locking began in the 1960’s and was originally named the Campbell Lock after founder Don Campbell. A funk style of dance, Locking includes fast switching dynamics and precise arm movements, characterised by its locks, freezes and relaxed grooves. Locking is a performance dance but is now also used for freestyle and dance battles. This performance is the result of people attending weekly classes at The Dance Studio Leeds.

Breakdance AKA Bboyin’ and Bgirlin’

Breakin’ began as part of the cultural movement called Hip Hop alongside Emceeing, Djing and Graffiti in 1970’s New York. Bboying or Bgirling moves can be categorized into four elements: Top Rock (dancing stood up), Footwork (dancing on the floor), Power Moves (spins and flips)and Freezes (positions held to the music). It is primarily a social dance, allowing freedom of expression through movement. It is also not just a dance – it is now an Olympic sport and will be debuting in the next Olympics in France. This performance will be performed by the Bust-A-Move Youth Crew.

Level 2 Bar & Kitchen, Leeds Playhouse


Address: Leeds Playhouse, Playhouse Square, Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7UP

No Booking Required